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The PinkPocketReview is your quick reference for health, beauty and baby products.  We invite you to share your experiences about the products you’ve tried so you can help other consumers discover them too and make smart decisions about their purchases.
Here are some important things to include when writing a review:
    • What you like most about the product?
    •  What are the product benefits/features?
    • What you like least about the product?
    • Your assessment in terms of value for money, quality, ease of use, etc.
    • Did the product work for you?  Will you buy again?
    • Price
    • Where to buy the product?
    • Rate the product from 1 to 5 stars, 5 being the highest. 
                          5  stars – I loved it.
                          4  stars – I liked it.
                          3  stars – It was OK.
                          2  stars – I didn’t like it.
                          1  star  – I hated it.
    • If you plan to upload a photo or video, please make sure you own it or have permission to use it.  Maximum allowed file size is 2.0 MB.
    • Please post original content
    • Keep it simple, short and candid.

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