MessyBessy All-Purpose Natural Scrub

The reason why I bought an all-purpose scrub is because I could not seem to remove the dirt from my tub using commercial brands! It would drive me to exasperation that I would spend hours and hours and still see that the tub is not as clean as it should be. Then, I saw MessyBessy offering an all-purpose natural scrub. I immediately wanted to try and see if there would be any difference. Right after I bought Messy Bessy’s All Purpose-Natural Scrub, I, of course, went ahead and try it in cleaning my tub and bathroom tiles. After just a few scrubs and minutes, I found the product effective in removing dirt from the tub and the bathroom tiles! I could not believe it. I was elated that the product worked as advertised. The one thing that I do not like about the product, however, is its strong eucalyptus smell which feels overpowering at times. But really happy with the product as it works effectively and is also free of harsh chemicals making it safe to smell and be around with for a period of time. I bought the product from Messy Bessy glorietta branch for a price of P260 (750g) . Overall, 5/5

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