Messy Bessy Mold & Midew Remover

I bought Messy Bessy Mold & Mildew remover to get rid of the molds growing in my bathroom! According to the bottle instructions, I just need to spray it to the mold areas and wait for the molds to go away. I sprayed a couple to a concentrated mold area in my bathroom and waited for 5 minutes. Nothing happened. I sprayed 3 more times to the same area and waited again. Again, nothing happened. I am becoming frustrated that I may have probably bought the wrong product. I tried spraying and scrubbing the mold with the product, and finally it worked! Gah! I can see some molds peeling away. Although I was relieved, I am not totally impressed as it had not worked specifically according to the bottle instructions. I still have to scrub vigorously to peel away the molds which is the same with other commercial brands; at least this product is free from harsh chemicals. I bought this product from Messy Bessy glorietta branch for a price of P190 (250 ml). Overall, 3/5

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