Messy Bessy Bug Repellant Cologne

Besides being DEET-free and skin-safe, this product actually works! On a particularly rainy week at work, my office space was infested with mosquitoes. I think the small leak in the bathroom didn’t help the situation either, and mosquitoes were somehow breeding near my area. I decided to spray the Messy Bessy bug repellent cologne all over my exposed skin, and I didn’t get one bite that day. I don’t particularly like the smell, since it is a bit too strong for me, but it certainly did its job of repelling mosquitoes. The scent also wasn’t too bothersome for my seat mates. Am sure they wouldn’t have appreciated the scent of Baygon or Off Lotion in our area. Retail price is at P200 per 200ml container. Would recommend this product and give it 4 stars.

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