Human Nature Toothpaste

I bought this Human Nature toothpaste as part of my desire to shift all my personal care products to natural brands. I noticed that when I first used the toothpaste that it is not at all foamy which was so different from famous commercial brands. It felt weird, and I thought that my teeth must not be properly cleaned. It took a few more times trying it before getting used to the less-foamy toothpaste. I also noticed that my gums did not bleed as much. When HN toothpaste ran out, and I was not able to re-stock immediately, I was forced to buy and use a supposedly more gentle commercial brand- Sensodyne.After a couple of brushes, I noticed that I was throwing out streams of blood on the sink. It had injured my gums. I was honestly surprised. I am looking forward to going back to HN toothpaste. I wish it could be more widely available as it is hard to re-purchase when its partner stores have limited branches only. I bought it at their partner-store for P150. Overall, 4/5

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