Echostore’s Room & Linen Spray (Lavender Mint)

Sleep is best when it comes to us naturally, but of course, there are some days that we just need a little help.

I’ve read up on it a few times that some elements such as lavender and chamomile can naturally help you sleep. As proof, some of my colleagues use lavender oils to help them sleep on days that sleep does not come to them.

As a kid, I used to be an insomniac, sleeping when the sun is out even on school days. Now that I’m working, sleep has come more naturally, I basically fall asleep everywhere now, hahaha. But there still are days that I’d want it to come sooner.

So as a beginner in trying new ways of falling asleep, I tried Echostore’s Room & Linen Spray that comes in the scent of Lavender Mint.

I sprayed it all over the room, sheets and pillows. I sprayed it on my brother’s stuff too! And it smells sooooo good. The scent does calm you down and relax you even if this is a watered down version compared to the essential oil concentrates that others use to fall asleep faster. In terms of falling asleep though, I don’t think I found it to have affected me in that way. But I did notice that my brother would fall asleep faster now! This happened for a few more times, so I guess it works for him. :p

I tested out the 50mL bottle worth 149php, but they do have a bigger bottle at 250mL worth 520php. Overall, it is a very pleasant scent that provides the relaxing and calming effect, but I’m not so sure it brought me closer to sleep (maybe I should try the essential oil concentrates next time).

Product Rating: 3/5

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