Yamang Bukid’s 10 in 1 Turmeric Tea

Yamang Bukid’s turmeric tea has 9 other different herbs (i.e. pandan, sambong, lagundi, banaba, ginger, malunggay, gynura procumbens, lemongrass, peppermint) , aside from turmeric making it a very healthy drink. I have been drinking the tea for about 3 months now, and I noticed that I have not had any urinal pains since and the product is also good for digestion .The product is also based from Baguio with all the ingredients sourced locally! Product is priced at P350 for 450g, and one of the more affordable tumeric tea products in Manila. One thing that I did not like is the limited number of branches of Yamang Bukid which limits the flexibility of the brand. Overall, 5/5 and will re-purchase again

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