Ester-C (Non-acidic Vit. C)

Ester-C is a chewable Vitamin C.   What I like about it?   It’s non-acidic (so it’s stomach-friendly), it’s gluten-free, naturally sweetened (tastes like lemon/lime!),  and it has Echinacea extract which is known for boosting the immune system.

I bought this bottle from a trip in Auckland.  In Manila though, I discovered  that Healthy Options carries Esther C too but the variant being sold here  doesn’t have Echinacea extract and the flavor is orange.

This bottle I bought from Auckland is 60 tablets (500g) an it was about Php600 (it was on sale) but I think a bottle of 125 tablets (250g) at Healthy Options costs about Php1,000+.

Please note that though Esther-C tablets taste like candy, they are not designed for kids. They are for adults.  Just check the instructions carefully before making it available to the whole family.

Rating:  4 stars.  I like it. 🙂



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