Woodstock Organic Prunes

I’ve never been a fan of prunes coz they are sticky and messy to eat.  But recently, I rediscovered prunes coz my mom experiences occasional constipation and I researched that prunes helps relieve constipation since they are rich in fiber.

Other surprising things I learned about prunes – it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, iron and retinol. They are rich in Vitamin K and contain beta-carotene.  In short, they are not just good for people with constipation but also good for the eyes, heart, bones and skin.

I bought a pack of Woodstock Organic Prunes and I super love them. Coz unlike a more popular and mainstream brand, Woodstock Organic Prunes aren’t messy to eat coz their skin is dry and firm.  They taste sweet too – unlike other brands which sometimes taste a little sour.  Woodstock Organic Prunes are also pitted (no more seed inside).

Because I like them so much, now I don’t only buy for my mom but I also buy for myself. Haha…  When I crave for sweets at night, sometimes this is what I have to satisfy my sweet tooth.   One serving of prunes is about 6 pieces but 1-2 pieces of prunes are enough to satisfy my sweet craving.

I got this 312g pack of Woodstock Organic Prunes from Healthy Options at Php436.50.

Rating:  5/5

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