Lafe’s Baby Insect Repellent (Organic)

I’ve known for a while that I’m prone to mosquito bites. Well, me and my family are (I don’t know if it’s a blood type thing). But I bought this product as an emergency purchase and the only store I could find open at that time was Healthy Options.

Looking through their bug repellent products, you would already expect it to be pricey as they do have organic products. As an emergency purchase, I just wanted the cheapest one, but still effective of course, and the sales person suggested Lafe’s Baby – Insect Repellent.

Product claims:

  • A special blend of certified organic geranium and lavender essential oils to repel nasty insects
  • Citronella free
  • Chemical and DEET free
  • Baby-safe packaging
  • USDA NOP Organic – 95%

Lafe’s Baby – Insect Repellent comes in a 4 oz. spray bottle which I bought at around 350 pesos. I tried it immediately and sprayed it all over my arms and legs. Initial reaction: It smelled sooooo good! It was a light scent of lavender and I didn’t want to stop spraying. :p

But I did notice that after maybe 20 mins, I started getting bites again!

I still use it every now and then but I do wear additional mosquito patches, so I’m not sure if this is only good enough for babies and kids. Although the product’s site claims they cater to adults too. So it might just not be for me :p

Based on experience, I still prefer OFF! Lotion, in terms of price as it is cheaper and more effective for me. (Btw, site says Lafe’s is $8.99, so I guess I bought it on sale. Yay!) But it’s scent and the bottle spray are really good features.

Product Rating: 3/5

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