Human Nature Liquid Detergent micro-review

Overall Rating: 5/5

Product Benefits/Features

Human Nature  Liquid Detergent is an all-natural liquid detergent that is free of toxic chemicals which can cause skin rashes, allergy, and eczema, and are usually found in other commercial liquid detergents

Like Most?

I really love the citrusy scent after washing! Also, since the detergent has a softening ability, I no longer need to use fabric conditioner which contains a lot of toxic chemicals. There is no nasty smell as well when I hang my clothes inside the house unlike my former detergent brand

The detergent is also effective in washing sensitive, delicate clothing materials

Like Least?

The price is a bit on the higher end compared to commercial detergent brands, but since I no longer have to use a fab con, the price kinds of balances out.

Value for money

Value for money: High value for money considering that the product is very effective

Did the product work? Will you buy again?

Yes, I will definitely buy again!


Price for 975 ml is 299 pesos

Where to buy the product?

I bought mine from their website. You can also buy the product via their sales agents and branches in Metro Manila

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  1. pinkballerina says:

    Thanks for this useful review coz I am currently looking for an eco-friendly and mild detergent. Will check this out. 🙂

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