Ecos Dishmate Dishwashing Liquid

I tried using regular dishwashing liquids available in supermarkets before but they dry my skin especially the skin around my nails.    That’s why I am always on the look-out for plant-based dishwashing liquids.

The one I am using now is Ecos Dishmate. On its label it says that it’s effective in cleaning dishes while softening hands – perfect coz I am lazy to use lotion to soften my hands. Haha… The label also says you could use it as hand soap too.

Other things on its label which made me buy are:

  • free of formaldehyde
  • hypoallergenic
  • readily biodegradable
  • ph-balanced
  • never tested on animals

And when you browse through its ingredients, they are mostly plant-derived ingredients.

How to use it?   Squirt some of the formula on to the sponge to wash dishes.  Increase amount for heavy grease.

Bought this Ecos Dishmate at Healthy Options between Php300 to Php400. Sorry, I couldn’t remember the exact price.  It’s pricey for a dishwashing liquid but the size is big – 739ml/25 fl oz – and gentle on the skin.

Rating:  4/5. I like it coz it serves its purpose to clean dishes and it doesn’t dry my skin.   Grease on chinaware is easily removed but grease on plastic though is a bit hard to remove. To remove grease on plastic, I usually sprinkle baking soda on the container, then sponge it with the dishwashing liquid.  If there’s still grease after doing that, I rinse the plastic container with hot water.  That would surely eliminate the grease. 🙂

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