Menstrual Cloth

I tried using menstrual cloth instead of the usual sanitary napkins because of an article that I read that napkins use bleach and other harmful chemicals which are carcinogens and can cause cancer. I bought mine from a Baguio based company (I forgot the name!) for P600-700 for a set of 7pcs 12″ menstrual cloths. I tried using them while I was out on a trip, and the size is long enough and has wings and a clip-on per cloth. Although the cloth seems to cover most of the area, it has a tendency to slip, therefore does not really prevent stains. It does a better job though compared to your ordinary napkins. I also got some skin rashes when moving about probably because of the cloth rubbing with my skin. Overall, 2/5 considering that you also have to take it home and wash instead of just disposal with ordinary napkins, but will try using again since it may be better the second time around and I do not really want to use sanitary napkins ever again because of the harmful effects.

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