Himalayan Salt Lamp

I bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp from a reseller after reading from several articles about the many health benefits of owning a salt lamp including its role in purifying the air, and negating electronic magnetic radiation which we can get from exposure to electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, wi-fi, and other electronic appliances. Using chemical-laden products as well as electronic radiation pollute the air and causes different diseases which are often seen long term. Different sizes of himalayan salt comes with different price tags with the smallest priced at P1,600 excluding shipping fee costs from Salt & Light Ventures. After a day of plugging in the salt lamp (yes, it’s actually safe to plug in your lamp 24/7), I noticed that I was able to sleep faster and better and that my morning sneezes became less frequent. I also noticed that air felt different in the office probably because of all the electronic devices in the room. Aside from the health benefits, the salt lamp can be used as a decoration with its pinkish to orange glow in the room, and not at all an affront to the eyes when sleeping. Overall, 5/5. 🙂

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