Tom’s Wasabi Almond

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron and Magnesium.   Compared to all other nuts, it is said that they are richer in nutrients and beneficial components.  They are good for the brain, heart, bone and they strengthen the immune system – in short, they make great healthy snacks if you’re trying to get live a healthy lifestyle.
I used to eat plain, unflavored almonds until I discovered Tom’s, a Korean brand.  They are super yummy and addictive!  I’ve tried 2 flavors – Honey Almond Butter Almond and Wasabi Almond.  I actually like Honey Almond Butter better but I don’t have one in stock now so I’m sharing with you Wasabi Almond first. The taste is slightly sweet and salty with a light hint of wasabi.  Super yum!
Everything in the packaging though is in Korean except for the brand name and flavor so can’t give any other info about the calorie content.  But from what I read before, 1 serving of almonds is just a handful or 1/4 cup. I remember I counted before around how many almonds would that be and it’s about 14 pieces – but of course, it may vary depending on the size of almonds.
I really count the almonds when I eat but when I eat Tom’s almonds which are addicting, usually 14 pieces are bitin (haha…).   But for sure plain almonds are healthier and contain less calories because they don’t have any flavoring ingredients so my hack is – sometimes I mix Tom’s flavored almonds with plain almonds. Haha…
BTW, you just have to consume Tom’s almonds within a few days because I noticed that the almonds sometimes stick together after a few days – maybe due to trapped moisture every time you dig into the pack.
If you have family or friends visiting Korea, this is the best pasalubong to ask for! Haha… But if there is no one traveling to Korea anytime soon, I’ve seen several sellers selling Tom’s and accepting pre-orders.    Prices range from Php395 to Php450 for the 250g pack.
Rating:  4/5

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