Susan’s Sugar-Free Cookies

Whenever I visit shelves of sugar-free products, there is usually nothing that looks appetizing. Most sugar-free crackers look plain and dry.  One time, I saw a new product line – Susan’s Sugar-Free Cookies – in various interesting flavors like Almond, Lemon Vanilla,Orange and Chocolate Chips, and Peanut Butter.
The packaging is so plain that I initially thought the brand was a local brand but apparently, it’s made in America.  But though plain and simple, it gets the product message across.
It describes the cookies as:
– vegan
– fiber from oats
– low carbs
– no salt added
– delicious
– taste home-made
After reading the product info, I bought boxes of different flavors for my mom (who’s controlling her sugar intake) and for myself for guiltless sweet intake.  Shhhh…..
How were the cookies?  The cookies are medium-soft (they’re not hard but they aren’t soft either) and they aren’t too sweet which is the way it should be coz they are after all supposed to be sugar-free.   But please don’t compare them with regular cookies. Unlike regular cookies, these cookies are not chunky and chewy.   But compared to other sugar-free cookies, they are better-tasting. They’re so far the best sugar-free cookies I’ve tasted.
BTW, please note that 1 serving is equivalent to 1 cookie only.  Each cookie is 74.7 calories.  This means even if they are sugar-free, it doesn’t give me the license to binge. I’ve to abort my plan of guiltless sweet intake. Haha…
A box contains anywhere from 14 to 16 cookies.   A box costs Php279 from Healthy Options.
Susan’s sugar-free comes in 5 flavors and I’ve so far tried 3 flavors which are as follows:  Lemon Vanilla, Orange & Chocolate Chips, and Peanut Butter. I like Orange & Chocolate Chips and Lemon Vanilla the best.
Rating: 4/5

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