Rovillo’s Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder has gained popularity for its various health benefits such as it’s anti-cancer, it could help relieve arthritis, prevents Alzheimer’s, fights infection, boosts immunity, lowers cholesterol, among many others.

I initially started taking Turmeric Tea (Yamang Bukid brand which is a good product too) but I realized, I was drinking one beverage after another. I already feel so full! Haha…  So what I did to streamline my health drinks is to just add turmeric powder in my healthy fruit and veggie shake together with other superfoods.  Since my shake has a lot of other ingredients, you can’t even taste the turmeric in it anymore (which is a plus if you don’t like turmeric’s taste).

This 80g bottle of Rovillo’s Turmeric Powder costs Php120 at EchoStore but a colleague said that it’s cheaper to buy turmeric powder in plastic packs in local groceries.   BTW, this powder isn’t tea – it’s the regular turmeric powder used for cooking.  So if you prefer it in a sweetened tea form, go for Yamang Bukid Turmeric Tea.

As a final reminder, please note that turmeric has blood-thinning effect and may cause stomach acidity so  please take it with caution.   I just usually put only 1/4 teaspoon powder into my fruit and veggie shake.  Lastly, I read somewhere that turmeric is not to be taken by pregnant and lactating women so just in case you are, please check with your doctor to be sure.

Rating:  4 stars.  I like it.    But I am guessing turmeric powder is turmeric powder regardless of the brand so you could be brand-agnostic and explore other options too.










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