Magnolia Non-Fat Milk (No sugar, zero Trans Fat)

I didn’t know that most milk have sugar until I saw this pack of Magnolia Non-Fat Milk.  The label on the lower left says:

  • High in Calcium
  • Fat-Free
  • No Sugar added
  • Zero grams Trans Fat

After seeing this label, I started checking the content of all the other brands in the shelves and most of them do contain sugar.  Don’t laugh at me but that was the only time I discovered most milk in cartons have sugar!

Anyway, since I am trying to control my sugar intake, I bought some packs to try.

Magnolia non-fat milk comes in 2 sizes:  250ml and 1 liter but I prefer the 250ml pack since once the carton is opened, milk has to be consumed in 3 to 5 days.  I can’t finish 1 liter in 3-5 days since I don’t really drink milk everyday so a serving of 250ml every time I want to drink milk is perfect.

How does it taste?  It’s less thick than regular milk coz it’s non-fat and it tastes less creamy coz there’s no sugar.    A friend doesn’t like it coz she said it doesn’t have any taste but I actually like it. It still does taste like milk but less creamy .   If creaminess is very important for you in choosing milk, this might not be for you though.

BTW, a serving of 250ml pack of this Non-fat milk is only 100 calories. 🙂

Magnolia non-fat milk is available in leading supermarkets.

Rating:  4/5. I like it. For me, though it’s not as creamy as other milk brands, it serves its purpose – it’s rich in calcium but without the guilt of fat and sugar content.

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