Kettle Potato Chips (New York Cheddar)

Eating chips makes me feel guilty so to lessen the guilt, I try to buy healthy chips. Haha…

Based onthe packaging of Kettle Potato Chips, it’s gluten-free, doesn’t have preservatives, verified non-GMP project, and it’s zero trans-fat.

Kettle has several flavors but I like New York Cheddar and Honey Dijon the best.  If you love cheese, go for New York Cheddar.     Honey Dijon, on the other had, is a combination of sour, sweet and salty.  Yum.

The chips are very crispy and unlike other potato chips, they aren’t greasy. Kettle potato chips have the right amount of saltiness too – unlike most chips which are too salty.

BTW, this 5oz pack of potato chips isn’t for one-time seating.  It’s good for 5 servings.  One serving is about 13 chips so please make sure to count when you start eating. 🙂

13 chips of 1 serving is about 150 calories.

If you think you won’t be able to control yourself,  get the smaller packs.  🙂

This 5oz pack of Kettle Potato Chips costs between Php150 to Php180 and it’s available in leading supermarkets like Rustan’s and also in specialty stores like Healthy Options.

Rating:  4/5 stars.  I like it.  I don’t buy chips that often but when I do, Kettle Potato Chips is definitely going to be in my options list.


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