Locally Blended Juice Drink

Calamansi (Citrus microcarpa) is available all-year round in the Philippines. But there are times that its price goes up. So it’s not every day that I can have fresh calamansi juice for breakfast or snack. I discovered Locally Blended Juice Drink, a juice made from homegrown fruits. It comes in different flavors and packed in…

Delight Probiotic Drink

Most of us probably grew up drinking Yakult. How many of us wished for a bigger bottle? I am one of those who can finish one stash [5] in one seating. Just recently, I found this probiotic drink alternative called Delight. Guess what! They have this in a bigger bottle. Of course, I tried it…

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Mint Tea

My constant search for that one great tea continues with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Mint Tea. They do have the instant version of their store staple which you can get from your favorite convenience stores nationwide for 18 pesos. I must say, this is currently on top of my leader board. I like…

Strepsils for Dry Cough

Dry cough can be really irritating. Sometimes, you just want to stop doing anything because dry coughs can also be distracting. Good thing that there’s a specific line from Strepsils specifically formulated for dry coughs. It does not promise to cure your cough but it gives you that temporary relief from your throat’s burning sensation….

C1000 Health Drink

There are days when I feel a bit off. Whenever I feel like a cold or a cough is about to come, I try to load up with vitamins C. Here’s one of the quick grab I usually Get. C1000 Vitamin Drink. It contains 1000mg of vitamins C that may help boost our immune system….

Field Day Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette

With a USDA organic seal, I immediately grabbed this product for my salad vinaigrette. The taste is a mixture of both sweetness and sourness and very delicious when mixed with salad. It really puts on the flavor and diminishes the bitter taste of the vegetables. I bought the product at healthy options for about P200-P250….

Tiger Balm Red Ointment

I play sports every weekend. Because of that, I often get some muscle pains in my legs and arms. For immediate relief, Tiger Balm is my go to ointment. If you are looking for an ointment that would give you that strong and quick effect on your muscles, this is the right one for you….

Woodstock Organic Prunes

I’ve never been a fan of prunes coz they are sticky and messy to eat.  But recently, I rediscovered prunes coz my mom experiences occasional constipation and I researched that prunes helps relieve constipation since they are rich in fiber. Other surprising things I learned about prunes – it contains a lot of vitamins and…

Tom’s Wasabi Almond

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron and Magnesium.   Compared to all other nuts, it is said that they are richer in nutrients and beneficial components.  They are good for the brain, heart, bone and they strengthen the immune system – in short, they make great healthy snacks if you’re trying to get live a healthy lifestyle. I…

Hygienix Hand Spray

You would rarely find an alcohol which can give you both protection and moisture. Good thing that we can now get this though HYGIENIX Hand Spray. It is still your anti-bacterial alcohol with some other benefits. It doesn’t dry out your skin and its scent is not “hospital-ish”. I would recommend this to the yuppies…