Watsons Milk Smoothing & Nourishing Face Mask

Sometimes, you don’t need to see the immediate result. You just want to feel the way a product relaxes you. The Watsons face mask does just that.  I got this product for 59 pesos; kinda affordable for a face mask. This is something you can use daily because its not really expensive. Also, watch out for their buy 1 take 1 promos. They normally include their face masks in the promotion.

Just like your normal masks, use this after doing your normal face cleaning routine. The recommended waiting time is 15-20 minutes but I have this habit of waiting for the product to dry up before removing it. I even sometimes fall asleep with this on my face.

True enough, it can really give your face that instant moisture you need. It keeps your skin hydrated. My personal favorite is the green one [in photo] but they also have over variants to choose from!

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