Natureplex Triple Antibiotic Ointment

I just got this really bad scrape from an activity last weekend. Of course, I did the usual first aid wound care using betadine and alcohol but it got me a bit scared when my scrape started to be watery. I tried two different ointments before trying Triple Antibiotic because I don’t want my wound to be infected but the first 2 I tried just kept my wound really moist.[ Though some would say that it is better to keep wound this way. I am not a doctor or a nurse so please don’t see this review as a medical advice.]

My mom gave me the triple antibiotic cream and I can say that it works better than the first 2 I applied on my wound. Moisture is still there but I can see scab slowly appearing. The product doesn’t sting, so that’s another plus points! My wound is healing faster now. I am just using this ointment to avoid any further infections that may happen.

I am not sure if its available locally from our drugstores but you can get this online for 299 [lazada]. This is really something you can keep at your first aid kit!

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