Marks and Spencer Moisturizing Lotion

By just looking at the photo, you would know that I really do love this product! It is my ultimate go to lotion because of so many good things about it. Just to make it simple, here are the top 3 reasons why I love Marks and Spencer lotion:

  1. It’s scent. Ohhh you would really love how it smells. I personally love the WATER LILY variant.
  2. Its formula is not greasy after application. Very good for humid weather. Say goodbye to malagkit days!
  3. Its packaging. Very easy to use. Not so big. I use this as my office lotion. Trust me, it is in my desk. [I think they already changed packaging, though]

You can get this from any Marks and Spencer branches or you can find this online. Saw some sites selling this. Go check it out. I might get myself another bottle [or two] also!

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