Marius Fabre Olive Oil Soap

I discovered this product in a store while looking for something else.   The cube shape and plain packaging made me curious what it was.   The sales staff said it’s soap and she explained that it’s shaped like a cube coz it’s a traditionally-made French soap which is meant to be sliced into smaller pieces, usually using a string or blade.
When I picked it up to smell it, the smell wasn’t fragrant but it wasn’t bad either.  I still bought a piece to try it for the ff reasons:
– The soap is made from vegetable oils – no coloring, no fragrance, no synthetic additives.  This explains the smell – its scent is the natural scent of olive oil – which is far from other commercially-available olive oil soaps whose scent may have been enhanced using artificial fragrances.
– It’s free from petroleum-based products and animal fats unlike most soaps and shower gels in the market today.
– It’s biodegradable so it doesn’t pollute rivers and helps protect the environment.
– It is gentle on all types of skin – sensitive skin, baby skin, people with allergies, etc.
–  You could also use it to wash delicate laundry.
– The family who has been making the soap has maintained the traditional Marseille soap-making process and recipe since 1900.   How cool is that?
Marius Fabre Soaps are available at AC+632 in Greenbelt 5, Makati City.   The soap comes in 2 sizes: 200g sells for Php280 and 400g sells for Php340.  The 400g is a more economical buy.  I tried slicing it using dental floss but I couldn’t cut through it. Haha… Using a knife is easier.
Rating:  5/5. I love it!  I’ve been using it for the face and body for 3 weeks already, and it’s such a joy to use it coz it glides on your skin and it leaves my skin moisturized.  It’s perfect for me coz I am lazy to apply skin moisturizer. Haha…  As for its scent, you’ll smell the scent of the soap (natural olive oil scent) as you’re using it, but after you rinse, no scent would stick to your skin so don’t worry if you don’t like the scent at first.

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