Human Nature Healthy Lotion micro-review

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Product Benefits/Features

Human Nature Healthy Lotion is an all-natural healthy lotion that is free of toxic chemicals like SLS/SLES, parabens, and phthalates which can be commonly found in commercial lotions

Like Most?

Love the long-lasting moisturizing effect of the lotion.  I love that my skin still feels moisturized even after 12 hours, and can feel the coating of the lotion peeled away while bathing. The lotion also has 12 kinds of vitamins and antioxidants included in the ingredients, so I feel that my skin is healthier

Like Least?

The smell is so-so. It is ok, but nothing to be too crazy for.  I got the powder scent btw.

Value for money

Value for money: A bit expensive for me. I am open to shifting if there is another natural brand that offers a similar effective lotion, but w/ a lower price.

Did the product work? Will you buy again?

Yes, the product is very good when it comes to moisturizing.


Price for 200 ml is 200 pesos.

Where to buy the product?

I bought mine from their website. You can also buy the product via their sales agents and branches in Metro Manila

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