Human Nature baby wonder oil


I use this product in lieu of a daily body moisturizer. Personally, am too lazy to slather on the body lotion after I shower. I find it easier to use body oil right after I rinse my body, and then towel myself dry. I used to use Johnson’s baby oil, Neutrogena body oil, or any other mineral oil, but switched to Human Nature Wonder Oil in an attempt to use more natural products. This wonder oil is made of sunflower oil, and smells much better than virgin coconut oil, the other natural alternative. One downside to using this product is that it leaves a cooked oil smell in your bath towels, even after they’ve been washed. The price is pretty steep at P149.75 for a 100ml bottle, but since I haven’t found a better natural alternative, I think I’ll be sticking with this product for a while. 3.5 stars.

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