Happy Skin’s Micellar Makeup Wipes (Sanrio Collection)

I am really lazy when it comes to end-of-day skin care. Few are the days that I really am in the mood to wash my face for a full cleanse. This is one of the reasons why I am a big fan of wipes.

I used to use random brands of wet wipes (Kleenex, Giggles, Johnson and Johnson, Mumuso, etc.), but only recently did I find out that there were specific wipes for the face :p Brands like Neutrogena, Celeteque and Sephora have their own line of makeup remover wipes. Even Watsons has their own line!

So for this review, I tried out Happy Skin’s Micellar Makeup Wipes. 🙂

The product comes in a very cute and colorful packaging in line with its partnership with Sanrio. Inside are 25 sheets of micellar wet wipes – micellar which is their key ingredient as it claims to remove all traces of makeup, oil & dirt.

Upon use, I noticed that the sheets are extra damp than most wipes which means I can wipe my whole face ’til my neck with just one sheet. This is a plus already as most wipes dry out quicker and some are smaller in size. Next, I noticed that the sheets have tiny bumps on them, again not like regular wipes that are often straight/flat, that I believe helps in removing more residue on the face. Overall, the product doesn’t sting and it is unscented as well so it isn’t bothersome. It does leave you refreshed and clean right after (but of course, it is still better to double cleanse by washing your face after :p) I use this everyday now in the evening as part of my cleansing ritual whether if I’ve decide to put makeup on for that day or just sunblock.

Side Note: Happy Skin is a local brand which makes me extra giddy and happy to support. 🙂

Product Rating: 5/5 I’m happy with it so far. 🙂

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