Erase Solution

to be honest, acne is not a major problem for me. But it still bothers me once in a while because during those days when my skin breaks out, It often leaves a minor acne mark in my face. Facial scrub or soaps can’t do the job alone.

I found this product during one of my visits to my favorite drugstore. I gave it a tried and I can say that I am satisfied with how it worked for me. Here are some good points I can say about the product:

  1. The applicator is very convenient. The roll-on style is very easy to use. You are sure that you are not over applying the product on your face.
  2. It is not sticky. It doesn’t sting.
  3. It dries up quickly.
  4. You can see visible effects after days of consistently using it.

The product claims that you can also use this for scars and stretch marks but I haven’t tried it for that. I might test it for scars one time and I’ll let you know if it worked well also!

Rating 4/5

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