Nchant Lip Cream


Are you dreaming of a natural pinkish lips all day everyday? This might be the right product for you. As the product claims it t helps repair and recover darkened lips while preventing it from further darkening. It also helps fight roughness and dryness of the lips. It costs 800 pesos for a small tube.

I’ve been using the product regularly for 3 weeks now and I can really say that it does have immediate effect on your lips. I am just not sure if it is the tint of the cream after application but you can really see a hint of natural pinkish glow on your lips after application.

I also like its scent. It smells like a lemon cream.

However, it might be a bit pricey for its size. You can still get a cheaper lip cream with the same effect in the market. It is good to try but I am not sure if it is something one will really consider to re-purchase because of its cost.

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