TRESemmé (Smooth and Shine) Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve been using TRESemmé for maybe four years now, and I have recommended this to all my friends and family a good number of times, especially to those who have damaged hair.

I used to have really frizzy, unmanageable hair way back elementary – few early years of college because I would always end up tying my hair even when wet which caused the damage. Since then I’ve tried different hair treatments (rebond, straightening, spa, detox, etc) and nothing worked long term. It would always always go back to frizzy hair!

Not until this shampoo + conditioner came! It leaves your hair (as stated on the bottle) SMOOTH, straight and SHINY! 🙂

I usually get the 600ML pump bottles which lasts me a month or so. Usually the conditioner runs out first than the shampoo with my usage. They’re also available everywhere (Watsons, SM Supermarket, even on BeautyMNL!). They cost 399pesos per bottle (but sometimes they have 50-100peso discounts on BeautyMNL :p).

They have 2 other sizes: a 340ML bottle at 240pesos and a 170ML at 125pesos. But I only buy the smallest bottles for long vacations since it is cheaper to buy the bigger bottle. 😉

TRESemmé has other treatments such as Keratin Smooth, Platinum Strength, and Split Repair. Supposedly, Keratin Smooth targeted frizzy hair but I tried it and my hair knew it didn’t work for me, but it can work for you! Try the small bottles first! 🙂 They also have other products aside from shampoos and conditioners, but I have yet to explore. 🙂

Product Rating: 5/5

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  1. leftiespark says:

    This is something I would want to try!

  2. spark says:

    where can i buy this?

    1. Janina says:

      You can find these in any supermarket, watsons and even online, beautyMNL. 🙂

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