Nature’s Gate Ginger + Holy Basil Shampoo micro-review

Overall Rating: 4/5

Product Benefits/Features

Nature’s Gate Ginger + Holy Basil shampoo is an all-natural and non-GMO based shampoo that is free of toxic chemicals, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Like Most?

The shampoo has a volumizing and glowing effect on my hair and is effective in washing away dirt. I also like the smell of basil and ginger which is gentle and has a pleasant, sweet smell. I also feel that my hair felt more “alive” than when using commercial hair products

Like Least?

The shampoo, while effective, does not make your hair soft after bathing. Use of hair conditioner is still necessary if you want a smooth, soft hair after bathing

Value for money

Value for money: Although on the higher end, Nature’s Gate shampoo SRP is still more cost-effective compared to Human Nature’s shampoo (my other natural brand), and for me, more effective product-wise

Did the product work? Will you buy again?

Yes, I will definitely buy again


Price is 350 pesos for 500 ml

Where to buy the product?

I bought mine from healthy options

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