Ilog Maria Honey Propolis Shampoo

Ilog Maria is known for its all-natural products.  This shampoo’s ingredients include:

  • honey for conditioning and hair growth
  • propolis for scalp infections, dandruff and falling hair
  • oils like palm kernel oil, castor oil and coconut oil for gentle cleansing

And since it’s all-natural and doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals, it doesn’t create a lot of bubbles like commercially-produced shampoo.  But hey, it doesn’t mean that just because it doesn’t create as many bubbles as other shampoo brands, it’s not able to clean your hair.  That’s a common misconception.  Bubbles don’t equate to ability to clean.  In fact, I’ve noticed that most all- natural products produce less bubbles/lather vs commercially-produced ones  I guess because they don’t contain a lot of chemicals.

I’ve been using Ilog Maria Honey Propolis Shampoo for more than a year now and I like it. Other than it is all-natural, the lather is easy to rinse off (a real time-saver and water-saver! Haha…).  And its scent is very mild.  After shampooing, there’s also a slightly cool sensation on your head (I guess because of the castor oil ingredient).

A small bottle costs Php77 (good travel size) and a big bottle costs Php176.   I usually order online at

Rating:  5/5

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