Human Nature Strengthening Shampoo/Conditioner


I’ve been using Human Nature shampoos and conditioners for more than a year now. I like the smell of the Strengthening shampoo, which has a mild scent of Aloe. The citrus scented ones are nice as well, although I wanted to smell different from my son and my dog, who are both using Human Nature as well (boys’ and dogs’ versions). The price of Human Nature shampoos and conditioners are higher than average, more than double some of its local counterparts. At P299 per 500ml bottle, it is quite an investment, but am willing to pay the extra money for the reassurance that there are no parabens or harmful chemicals in the products I’m using everyday. The downside to being ‘All Natural’ is that this product is not as sudsy as commercial shampoos. It hardly gives me that clean feeling after I shower, although this is probably just psychological as I grew up with sudsy shampoos. Overall, I will be sticking to this product for a while and give it 4 stars.

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