DHC Lip Cream

Like Perfect Whip (which I last reviewed), I discovered DHC Lip Cream during a trip to Japan.   It was also in my friends’ list of what to buy in Japan.

When you google for top beauty products to buy in Japan, it’s also usually in the list.

DHC Lip Cream’s packaging (sorry, I threw away the box already) has a medal symbol and my friends say that symbol means that the product has earned some recognition for a Japanese beauty product award.  The text on the packaging is all in Japanese so can’t share any other additional info with you. Haha…

DHC Lip Cream is color-less which I like.  It’s super slippery on your lips and it leaves your lips feeling really smooth, soft and moisturized.  I love it! I just wish that they have a version with SPF protection which you can use for daytime.

I got my DHC Lip Cream from a Matsumoto Kiyhoshi store in Tokyo but I heard it’s available locally at BeautyMNL. I checked online and it’s selling for Php330 in BeautyMNL (in Japan, it sells between Php150 – Php200 if I remember right based on the exchange rate during my trip to Japan).

Rating: 5/5

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  1. BerryGirl says:

    Grabe, twice the price here!

  2. greenpanda says:

    Hey, Berrygirl! It could be either the exchange rate was low during my trip or I didn’t remember the price accurately. But at least there’s a way for us to buy the products locally. 🙂

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