Beauty Fx Eye Cream

We all hate puffy eyes and dark circles. Sometime, it gets tiring to apply and re-apply concealers every now and then just to cover up some unwanted areas in your face. There are several eye cream products in the market that can help us to at least minimize imperfections in the eye are. I found this budget eye cream in a sachet from Watsons. If you are looking for something quick and compact, this is something you might also want to try.

To be honest, I still yet to find some significant changes in my eye area. However, its formula is something commendable. It can easily be absorbed by the skin making it less sticky compared to other eye creams. I use it twice daily; in the morning and before sleeping. You may also use your favorite eye patch after application for better results.

RATING: 3/5 [ will update after several weeks]

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  1. Kiefkid says:

    This is a good product. I also tried this myself!

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