Huggies Ultra Diapers (green pack)

The 2 diaper brands I trust for my son are Mamy Poko and Huggies Ultra. These are the ones that leak the least. So far, Huggies has the edge over Mamy Poko as I still notice more leaks with Mamy Poko. It is more expensive than other brands (price depends on size), but if it saves us the hassle of having to wash the bedsheets, it’s definitely worth the extra pesos. I’ve had no issues with diaper rash or fit. I buy the XL size for my 3 year old, and you’ll get the best value if you buy in bulk in Lazada. 3 packs of 44 pcs retailed at P1860 with free shipping. No complaints from my toddler, who is still wearing nappies at night. 4 stars.

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